Since 1996 Volume XXI
A Summer Of Poetry ahead.

Adolf P. Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD

Adolf P. Shvedchikov is Russian. He received the title of International Poet of Merit. He has a doctorate in Chemistry and also in Literature. He has published many books of his own poetry and translations of prominant poets into more than 6 languages.



I look at the reddish straw of your hair...
You are beautiful girl, such a terrestrial creature,
I feel the warmth of the sun, the scent of spring air,
You've captures too much from generous nature!
I am gazing into the depths of your attractive eyes,
I never get tired looking at a goddess,
My heart is ready to burn in your fire,
You are unforgettable, you are gorgeous!
I kiss ecstatically your ripe cherries,
I drink the sweet wine of your unforgetable body.
You are undoubtedly a mysterious wisp,
The revived Galatea of eternal melody!


I fell in love at my fist sigh,
When I saw you on a summer day.
I still don't know how and why,
But I am grateful for that way.
I was the victim of the lust,
I craved to kiss your coral lips.
I tried to melt the ice of distrust,
I was ready to sail our merry ship!
When you whispered silently yes,
I was the happiest man in the world,
The fire of feelings, breast to breast,
Burned me instantly, I wasn't old!
I've heard in heaven, oh my Lord,
How soul's spirit passed through me.
I kissed you violently, I felt secrets stored,
Oh my night violet, the Deity!
We sank in a powerful tide of dreams,
So close to each other, face to face,
Our souls swam up again through gleams
Of feelings current with sweet embrace.
I will remember you, my dove
Gliding in a turquoise sky.
A fervent heart will follow you, my beloved,
I fell in love at my first sigh! 


There is a fresh fragrance of the first kiss,
It is powerful flame that lights  up your heart
With unspeakable feelings, a miraculous bliss,
How pleasant is really the Cupid's dart!
The gorgeous gaze of your beloved is shy,
Inviting lips are tremulous and wet.
Silver moonlight from the glimmering sky
Is weaving a glamorous attractive net.
The first kiss creates a magic vibration,
And carries the lovers into a sweet dream.
It opens for the soul a new sensation,
That only love may forever redeem.
It's the confluence of two fragrant blossoms
Toward the creation of new living being.
There is no more solitude. Bosom to bosom
A heavenly kingdom the first kiss will bring!


The cat is purring on an armchair,
The dog is sleeping near the fireplace,
Wood is crackling in the air,
Let me kiss your pensive face.
The pendulum is counting hours,
Bright stars languish in the sky,
Give me bliss of fragrant flowers,
Lay next to me and don't be shy.
I'll hide you in my calm harbor,
Keep forever of my heart's key.
After midnight come to an arbor,
Let's sit down under  the tree.
I'll bring a gold ring with an amber,
Drink divine drops of night dew.
Dive in embrace of sweet slumber,
My beloved, how I love you! 


Time runs, the thread of life still spins.
I comprehend a solemnity of the moment.
By every corpuscle, without any comment,
I grasp this impulse, I know what it does mean.
We spent our days of wedlock like human beings,
It's time to drink wine from a silver horn.
My love, how fragile and sacred you were born,
Oh God, grant heavens will be blue serene!


Your eyes look like a expanse haze,
Your eyes look like fresh ripe grapes.
I'm ready all my life to gaze,
I'm ready all my life to wait.
When your eyes will lose  last trace of sadness,
When your eyes will call: come and take,
When the love in your eyes will awake,
You'll be mine forever, in grace and gladness! 


Do you like the noiseless slipping
Of an alluring chemise in silk?
I'm a woman of that ilk
Who gives love instead of weeping.
Look at the violet amethyst
Decorating my dazzling ring.
Come to me, and I will bring
You to luxurious feast.
Get up, kiss my sensual lips,
Touch my lovely almond skin.
Be my knight, strong and serene
Manning hard the running ship!
Win, my hero, a Golden Prize,
Take devoted loving heart.
Be my man, beloved and smart,
Kind, compassionate and wise!


Do you like to watch the ballet "Swan Lake"?
Are you sad holding the faded roses?
Are you amazed looking at the wriggling snake?
How unusual are feelings that beauty arouses!
Beauty is phantom, a gem of your soul,
A domain for your heart, unforgettable sunshine,
A Roman amphora, a splendorous bowl
Filled with essence of old Italian wine.
Beauty is something exotic, unseen,
A magic connection of bliss and chord,
An exquisite play on a heavenly scene,
The perfect and crowning handwork of Lord!

©Adolf P. Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD
All Rights Reserved.


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