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Sharon Kelly

Sharon Kelly's life goes from a youthful incarceration, and after release, a terrible auto accident from which she emerged partially paralyzed. She now is working on her ambulatory skills in a Rehabilitation Center.

Her poetry tells of Sharon's journey.

ome is where I want to be

Home Is Where I Want To Be

Missing my parents and my husband
Is a hopeless fear that just eats at you day and night
I've been trapped in
I want to find the way out
The room I search
I can't find the door
The walls keep on closing in on me
      Wanting all of this to end like in two words "I'm done"
I am lost and need to find a way to go home for good
I don't think anyone has those words for me
  Needing someone to let me know what my next step should be
What do I do now?
How do I deal with what I have created?
I am lost with no one to turn to for help
Feelings of total loss and despair

Life as an Inmate

I had just reached the prison
jail cell after jail cell ws all I saw
As I walked down the hall I caught a glimpse of inmate after inmate
Some of them locked up in chains but some could actually walk
Then I came to my cell
It was very plain and dreary
There were 2 sets of beds that sat next to each other
There were also two dressers
one bed was for me and the other bed was for the other girl who I didn't meet yet.

My first step was to find out a little bit about my new surroundings
My cellmate was very hard to get along with

We fought to the point of her having to be removed
At night it got so silent you could hear your other cellmates around you,
The came morning I realized where I was all I wanted to do was cry
So I did all night long.
When I awoke it was time to begin my new life as an inmate.

A Father's Loss

Gaby didn't quite see the car lights in front of her
She got scared and closed he reyes
Like two little kids playing with trucks.
The car smashed into the one in front of her.
It all happened so fast almost like a bolt of thunder
The car went through thair as if someone had bashed it like a baseball.

Finally Gaby was at the hospital just lying there
She was like a dead corpse.
Then her father had arrived
he saw her and he just cried until he could not cry anymore.
He felt so much pain he wanted to just rip his heart out.
He didn't know what to do or how to feel
What did he do wrong?


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