Kim Shuck

Kim Shuck was born in San Francisco in the 60s to a native San Franciscan and a Navy man from Oklahoma, she was raised in an array of dissimilar and overlapping cultures which have set the tones of her life since breath one. Kim holds an MFA from SF State University in textiles. Her work has appeared in many anthologies and literary magazines. Her first manuscript won the Diane Decorah award in 2005. She is the author of four books: two full-length poetry collections, a vignette fiction book and a chapbook. The latest is Clouds Running In, published by Taurean Horn Press. 

From this Arroyo to the Bay's Mouth

In this season when the oceans press their eyes
Shut and 
Taste the run and slouch of creeks 
Toss the stories that 
Salts can tell
Strained through the baleen of stones those
Rivers have known now and in other times when the
Morning star had more names the
Waters press and catch land in their net and other
Concerns can wait while they
Coil and fold and finally
Understand they are

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