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 Frank Brown

When Cancer Met Three


What are you doing the rest of the day?

A glance to the right and then to the left

Nothing in particular. Why do you ask?

He was calculating my percentage at thirty

Cancer you see, was doing it's dirty


We need to admit you and get treatments started

A smile to the right and then to the left

Let's get started

He left to make the call to get the room adorned

Cancer you see, wanted another for to be mourned


No promises for you. Do you understand?

A glance to the right and then to the left

Only one has ever counted. I am good with that

Off he went to get everything set

Cancer you see, brought dread to be met


You can do this. You know this right?

A glance to the right and to the left

I know I can't, but I know who can

Chemo for a week that turned to many days

Cancer you see, turns dark hair to grays


Those bright colors of chemo make me smile

A glance to the right and to the left

Since you call me Nemo, I will call you Dory

Chemo was fun with my talented gals

Cancer you see, gives you brand new pals


We have done all we can do and must now send you away

A glance to the right and to the left

Cool, a new hospital, new friends, another day

Chemo of a different sort since the Cancers had become two

Cancer you see, gets lonely too


You know, we never promised you anything, right?

A glance to the left and to the right

I know, and that is cool

I have to tell you, there is nothing left to treat

Cancer you see, is something my God beat


By F. Timothy Brown

Copyright 2018

All Rights Reserved

F. Timothy Brown


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