Since 1996 Volume XXI

Erren Geraud Kelly

I am a Pushcart nominated poet from Los Angeles. I have been writing for 25 years and have over 150 publications in print and online in such publications as Hiram Poetry Review, Mudfish, Poetry Magazine(online), Ceremony, Cactus Heart, Similar Peaks, Gloom Cupboard, Poetry Salzburg and other publications. My most recent publication was in Black Heart Literary journal; I have also been published in anthologies such as " Fertile Ground," and Beyond The Frontier.” My work can also been seen on Youtube under the " Gallery Cabaret," links. 

I am also the author of the book, " Disturbing The Peace," on Night Ballet Press and the chapbook, " The Rah Rah  Girl," Forthcoming from Barometric Press

I recieved my B.A. in English-Creative Writing from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. I also love to read and I love to travel, having visited 45 states and Canada and Europe. The themes in my writings vary, but i have always had a soft spot for subjects and people who are not in the mainstream. But i never limit myself to anything, i always try to keep an open mind. 

A prayer for my hometown ( baton rouge )

Lord, please one day to
render guns as obsolete
as  a nuclear bomb
that rednecks and Swag
will be as pointless
As fish on a
and that black and white
will be as indistinguishable
as the blood oozing from
my fingers

" it might not be so bad, if i never went home again..." Gill Scott-Heron, from " Home is where the hatred is."

A Riddle

what's black and white
and red all


" can we all just get along? " Rodney King


A sea of ushers in white
led me to the water
piano, organ and voices
surrounded the room with

it was the god of my father
and my mother
like the river, cleasing her
as a young girl

Before god
my life was a blur
of childhood dreams and wishes
and then one day, i got the 

I stood still, as if
nothing else mattered
like a film negative
being developed
god revealed truth to me

The world became insignifigant
as the baseball i played

The ladies in white
lead me to the water
i step in like a negative
waiting for truth
to reveal itself to

Fearing nothing
to begin again


I was  tricked !

And what difference  would
it have made, anyway ?
Even if the world stayed perfect
eventually, we would have
found something to complain about

Sin wouldve came  along
like the sun and the rain
like racism and war
maybe paradise was

Sometimes, a man
giving you everything
isnt enough

I feel my ribs
where my better half
lives ( a cheaper cut? )
and wonder...

A life of perfection
how boring it must

What i wouldnt give
to be caught redhanded
with someone, with a smile
a cat ate the canary grin
as my only defense

So, when the serpent
showed me the apple
how could i refuse?

My flaws were always better
than my assets, anyway !


I think about what he
would've looked like
holding a baseball
i  wouldve taught him
a hook slide
or his hands wouldve been
wrapped around a trumpet
i wouldnt have cared if
he channed miles or dizzy
he wouldve found his
own voice
everyone journeys on their
own path
i wouldnt have cared if his crying
kept me up all night
it wouldve been the best music
ive  ever heard
i see a leaf falling from a
tree and
i keep wondering, did you lose your

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