James G. Piatt

Piatt received his BS and MA from California Polytechnic
University and his doctorate from BYU. He is a retired professor and
the author of 2 poetry books, “The Silent Pond,” and “Ancient
Rhythms,” 2 novels, “The Ideal Society,” and “The Monk,” over 535
poems, 33 short stories, and 7 essays. His poem “The Night Frog” was
nominated for best of web 2013. His books are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Something Is Askew

Soon the scythe may swing…then
The drapes will close in between:

The fuzzy cosmology of broken
Promises will be all forlorn….

And sadly torn:
The bottom will be the top sending

Prayers upward-downward to the
Pealing bells that live within the sea’s

Blue undulating swells:
Translucent sirens will be singing

In bodies, bare…so all the king’s men
Will stand and stare:

Hopelessness will call to the genderless
Blackness as it calls to them, not their brother’s

Keeper…with a soundless, rusted
Beeper…it will tell of the scarlet mistakes
Of the wailing rake, who fears death
Clothed in clanging gold trinkets and

Dislodged destiny: Then the stars swathed
In violetness will echo the groans of frogs

Croaking in the darkness of a splintered urn,
Where shattered thoughts can never return,

Something then will erode and die away…
But, not them, hopefully, they pray, not today!



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