Poetry Magazine.com is the premier Online Poetry celebrating its 20th Anniversary!  Yes, when the Web was in its infancy, Poetry Magazine.com was there! Winner of Webby Awards, and Chosen by USA Today as the best Online resource for contemporary poetry, worldwide.

Poetry Magazine.com is Edited by its Founder, Mary Barnet. Mary is the eldest daughter of the late American painter Will Barnet. Mary has published for over 40 years and has a new collection of Poetry coming out in early 2015.

Since its outset Poetry Magazine.com has shared the work of the Finest Poets, and Poet Laureates of America and the World. Poetry Magazine.com was a pioneer in VideoPoetry®; Films created by the staff feature voices of poets, Walt Whitman, among them gracing a visual panoply of artful imagery and music.

Grace Cavalieri of The Poet and The Poem on NPR , has made her vast collection of programs available to our readers exclusively, outside of the NPR network online.

Our Readers? Scholarly Poets and consumers, mostly college educated or professionally expert, they buy all types of products and services online. Over 300,000 Readers grace our pages annually. That may not seem large by Google standards, but we promise a Discerning and prosperous audience to a shrewd marketer.

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