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Since 1996 Volume XXI

Leslie Anne Mcilroy
Leslie Anne Mcilroy won the 1997 Slipstream Poetry Chapbook Prize for Gravel, the 2001 Word Press Poetry Book Prize for Rare Space and the 1997 Chicago Literary Awards. Her second book, Liquid Like This, was published by Word Press in 2008. Leslie is a copywriter in Pittsburgh and Managing Editor of http://heartjournalonline.com. Visit lamcilroy.org.

Ides of March


The lover in me left without a note,

a stray hair, a stocking in the drawer.

Her scent is on your fingers, not mine.

I donít miss her or her panties, or her lies.

How she said she would love you forever

and wore your shirts to bed, how when she

started packing, she called it laundry,

cleaning up. How she let you take her

to dinner and spent night after night

drinking wine, reading you poems

like portent, and between the pages,

a rail ticket, the binding of straw,

between the words, another home

without you in it, without me.



© Copyright, Leslie Anne Mcilroy.
All Rights Reserved.