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Since 1996 Volume XXI

Janet K. Brennan


Janet K. Brennan is an award winning multi-published  poet, novelist. She has  won critical acclaim  for two including "Reviewer's Choice" from Amazon for her Harriet Murphy series as well as Reviewer's choice from "Bookwatch, "Midwest Book Review. Janet owns and operates two successful  traditional publishing companies, Casa de Snapdragon/JB Stillwater LLC  with her husband.

Atahsaia Catching fireflies

He fades on his moonlit walk, a shrinking violet
through fields of fire flies this last  night of summer
before they leave; before they die.
His footsteps soft through cutter grass
sharp against ghost legs, jar in hand,
Black curls cropped above sage bush, he reaches
to catch the flash moving in and out of his life,
capturing it in his lightning bug jail.
A whoop and a holler as he heads through the meadow,
shoulder deep in Luna’s light; he blinks away the moment
lest she memorize his soul.
Howling a mournful song,  he takes her lightness
to the Rio in water deep and dark, for a swift ride
to nowhere, for he hides deep in his meadow
as  he fades on his moonlit walk, a shrinking violet
through  fields of lightning bugs and cutter grass
on  this last night of summer.



© Copyright, Janet K. Brennan.
All Rights Reserved.