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Since 1996 Volume XXI

Glen Sorestad
Glen Sorestad is a well known Canadian poet who has published over 20 books of poetry, has appeared in well over 50 anthologies and textbooks, and his poems have been translated into seven different languages. He lives in Saskatoon.

Ice Cream in Old Havana


Ice cream is delicious

in any or every language.


It transcends borders

and cultures with ease.

It would unite nations,

if nations only desired it.


No war was provoked

over ice cream. If wars

must be fought, let both

sides use ice cream.


Only ice cream evokes

the same delighted smile

on the cherubic face

of an eight month old,

an animated eight year old,

a furrowed eighty year old.


Eat ice cream in a cone,

with dish and spoon,

on a stick, or as a bar.

Ice cream doesnt mind.

It loves you the same.



Copyright, Glen Sorestad.
All Rights Reserved.