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Since 1996 Volume XXI

Christina Pacosz

A native Detroiter,  Christina Pacosz'  poetry/writing has appeared in books, anthologies, literary magazines and online journals for more than half a century. How to Measure the Darkness launched Seven Kitchens Summer 2012 Limited Edition Chapbook Series. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri.


The Beach at the End of the World       



Pirates they said    Invaders  

Rocky  black  yellow green white sand

Mossy cleft          It was salt

It was fresh

It was toxic

abalone       whelk

loggerhead turtle      dolphin  

sturgeon      smelt

There were beachcombers

Tourists    Hip hop partiers

They were picking up

moon snail shells     kelp

river clams    metal       trash

Shark someone shouted

Blood in the water

Noxious chemicals dangerous radioactive lethal

No one gave a shout out about those

There were runaways   they said

Young lovers

A woman sleeping above tide line her head popped like a melon when the beach patrol hit her

Waves coming in      Coming toward it all

Blue green red   Waves were on fire the survivors said

From the chemicals     In the water     

On the beach  



Copyright, Christina Pacosz.
All Rights Reserved.