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Since 1996 Volume XXI

Grace Marie Grafton
Grace Marie Graftonís latest book is Jester, 2013. Whimsy, Reticence and Laud/unruly sonnets, came out in 2012. Her poetry won first prize in the Soul Making contest and in the annual Bellingham Review contest. She has taught for many years with CA Poets in the Schools.


Right there on the whorl, the colors

utter a riposte to windís lachrymal

wooing. Plenty of people pass by

without even hearing the ongoing


                where leaves percolate

deer crackle and malingerer lizard

dreams an enduring lecture

that explains the nature of the sun

on sixteen different days. Heís so

tired, yet there are these requirements

of worship

                  again and again.

The time comes when branches

droop, begin to doubt the truth

of sun at all, thatís when lizard

has retired into the phantasmagoria

of cold despair

                         and cannot help

but still thereís sound. Skunk

wears the robe of night,

raccoon wears the mask,

they rub against the trees

in passing, thatís when a great sigh

penetrates even the stone

lizard sleeps under.



© Copyright, Grace Marie Grafton.
All Rights Reserved.