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Andrena Zawinski
Andrena Zawinski, Features Editor at PoetryMagazine.com, is author of Traveling in Reflected Light, a Kenneth Patchen Prize in Poetry; her most recent full collection, Something About, is a PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award recipient.She has also authored four chapbooks. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she teaches writing.

ABZ Boy Shot in Lucky’s Lot 
in the Year of the Rat

His family turned the supermarket parking lot stall 
into an altar, lavished it with stalks of quince buds 
and peach blossoms inside a bird of paradise vase 
for growth and for luck, for love and for life.
In front of his high school photo, they plated 
mandarin oranges for wealth and longevity,
lit batches of incense in an auspicious red bowl

for the journey of the faithful.

Someone else had already turned the parking lot stall 
into a shooting gallery, someone else made his bones
doming this number one son and maybe is running off 
to tag tunnel walls tonight, or maybe getting his 
Wah Ching eagle claw tattoo, or maybe doing donuts 
in a street corner sideshow, all his nunchucks and guns 

aimed at the heavens and missing the mark.



© Copyright, Andrena Zawinski.
All Rights Reserved.