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Allison Luterman
Alison Lutermanís three books of poetry are The Largest Possible Life, See How We Almost Fly, and Desire Zoo.  She also writes plays and personal essays.  She has taught in the MFA program at New College, at The Writing Salon in Berkeley, at Esalen Institute and Omega Institute as well as high schools, juvenile halls, and poetry festivals. www.alisonluterman.com


Language Acquisition


She has blossomed into complication;

my niece, not yet three,

has learned to say either.


I donít like the scary skeleton,

and I donít like scary pirates either.

In twenty years sheíll be standing, head cocked,


in front of a rack of paint samples

saying I donít really like the burgundy,

but the rust is not quite right either.


And from there of course

itís only a short step

to I donít want to lose you,


but I donít want to be utterly consumed

by this love either. And from there,

and from then onówell, we all know


how the skeins get tangled, donít we?

We who are no longer little children,

yet not yet wholly grown up either.


from Desire Zoo, published by Tia Chucha Press



© Copyright, Allison Luterman.
All Rights Reserved.