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                                José Angel Araguz



José Angel Araguz is a CantoMundo fellow and the author of seven chapbooks as well as the collections Everything We Think We Hear, Small Fires, and Until We Are Level Again. He runs the blog The Friday Influence and teaches at Suffolk University where he is Editor-in-Chief of Salamander Magazine

Throwing Myself In

The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in. – W. H. Auden


Were the story of my mother and father a fairytale, I would be what is left after the prince cleared his way to the sleeping beauty, kissed her, and stood there, both looking into each other’s eyes a moment, before looking around at shaking walls and rising dust, whatever words between them lost in the sound of crumbling and falling.

            I wouldn’t be the world my mother knew brought down around her. Wouldn’t be the world my father saw as a bramble he could help escape from suddenly a trap. Wouldn’t be the lifting of a curse become the lifting of what held one world, one life, together, without which life cannot go on the same.

           I would be a part of each of them as they stood helpless, not knowing what to do. I would be the last thing seen, the beginning of a ruin made from each other.



previously published in the collection Everything We Think We Hear (Floricanto Press, 2015)


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