Poetry Review

By Janet Brennan

By Matt Pasca

In this extremely personal collection of poetry by author, Matt Pasca, Raven Wire takes us from

memory, dreaming time in space, to present. This book, which is aptly titled, is a modern glimpse into

the writer’s heart and soul. Before we get to see just who this poet is, we must understand who he was,

and poet Pasca has no reservations about letting us know about his formative years. One quickly

understands that although not bad, these years were typical; however Pasca quickly realized that he did

not fit into a “typical four sided box.” This poet jumps the frame as he describes what he observes in the

daily buzz and life styles of modern families. In Icon- O –Plastic he writes:

“He came from a bouncy house on a street lined with bouncy

trees in a town that bounces from the map-tulips from

a magician’s pocket. Mom pulled a bouncy childhood

from her bunny hat, dad a bouncy scholarship from

an ace-stacked deck. He was desperate, you see.”

Poet Pasca writes this book with a keen sense of mastery of the poetic form. It is candid and straight to

the edge, taking the craft to a level that I seldom see in writing. One’s reader always seems to know if

something is not being said. . Matt Pasca, in his own understanding of his life and destiny does not

disappoint. The deeper into the writing one goes, the reader understands that this is a book about

watching, listening, and interpreting the multitude of experiences that bombard the senses every single

moment. What can we learn? How do we utilize these things to make changes in our lives?

As we follow him into his status , we are given glimpses into a life as husband and father. Author Pasca

captures the joy and wonder as he finds himself growing with his children. Life is not simply about

advice and demonstration; rather tasting and seeing the new that surrounds our lives every single

moment, indeed with every breath taken. He has determined that his life with his wife and children – his

colleagues, politics and traveling will be a collaborative project of learning from one another.

My favorite poem in Raven Wire is June First

“Our baby is almost five, He eats olives, knows the difference

between ride, crash and hi-hat cymbals and says things like Daddy, imagine

we are on a chessboard and I am a pawn and you are the knight.

He likes spotting leaves at the bottom of our uncovered pool,

its murky depth slowly morphing to emerald. He bends close – “

“At night, he and his brother breathe down

the hall, sleep to a recording of ocean waves. My wife and I

hold hands atop the sheets, windows open, the legs

of crickets rubbing through the room – “

Raven Wire is an intelligent, well-crafted, often metaphoric book of poetry. This writer has reached out

to show through his enlightening words the importance of paying attention to those things which

surround us and yet are not always seen.

I am honored to review this brilliant book, Raven Wire. Matt Pasca has a very special gift, like few

others, he is able to reach in and touch his soul.