James G. Piatt


Dr. Piatt is the author of two poetry books, “The Silent Pond” (2012) and “Ancient Rhythms” (2014), his third poetry book will be released in 2015. He has had over 585 poems published. His poem, “The Night Frog” was nominated for best of web 2013, his poem, “In The Meadow,” was selected as 1 of the 100 best poems of 2014, his poem, “I Am” was nominated for a 2014 Pushcart award, and his poem, “Teach Me” was
selected as the poem of the year at Long Story Short. His books are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

In Battlefields of Sand

In battlefields of sand souls will never grow
When bloody bullets leave ashen bones below,
In these terrible times of worldly disaffection
Amid bitter actions of splintered imperfection,
Death rises from the burning sand below.

In the darkening sky, only missiles glow,
Mother’s hopes vanish like melting snow
Nation’s no longer offer her protection,
        In battlefields of sand.

Sighs of happiness no longer flow:
Safe times the helpless no longer know,
Only the icy touch of wars disconnection,
Sending darkness and impending insurrection
Dark omens showing more blood will flow,
        In battlefields of sand.



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