Zara Raab

Zara Raab’s most recent book is Swimming the Eel. Her poems, reviews, and essays appear in West Branch, Arts & LettersNimrodThe Dark HorseRiver StyxRedwood Coast Review, Poet Lore, Colorado Review and elsewhere. She grew up in Northern California where her family settled in the 1800s, and now lives in Berkeley, California.


One morning, Thought called on me, 
coming right in, making himself at 
home, sitting in my chair, his  
sharp nose and chin raised, sniffing the air.   
He went straight to the crux of  
the matter:  I lacked importance, weight.   
I lacked stature, or friends of  
stature, I lacked power, position. 
Even my furniture was  
middle-brow. My life a total bore! 
I asked him not to stay, but he  
would not leave until I myself  
walked out into the street below, 
and strolled  among the people there, 
and bathed in the sun of morning. 
       This poem appeared in EDGZ in 2004. 


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