Steven Schmelz

Steven Schmelz is a graduate of Bates College of Lewiston, Maine.
He has been writing poetry for many years and is the President of Sea View Chrysler Jeep and Sea Breeze Ford in Monmouth County NJ.

hey my friend
Hey my friend, beware false words
words meant to lead, to persuade
I can not say why
my speech is left dry
I want to tell you
I meant to tell you
this time is so short
I have to tell you
We part so empty
If only i had the words
If only i had the time
gone - we fail
tomorrow i hope, i pray
I beg a chance
please the words
we yearn to hear, to say

a last poem

if i fell now,
a ghost forever
a moment to feel
just a notion for you
what isn't, what is
faint light recesses
stand toward the cold,
bitter breeze in dark
rejected by knowing
soothed in this last moment



I see beauty dive to her left
America whirl in chaos
All i see, know, and so helpless
So many led by what? Who?

I want my children to have the light
We knew as a child
A hope for peace, fairness
Please, not for me, spare them

Leave air to breath, space to dream
water to drink
Waves, Wind - Freedom
America for the people, a light.



Agencies come and go
I like to remember the people
the real things in life
Failed campaigns, trivial ideas
a life of memories
I like to remember the people
The detail will fade
God accepts the soul
we should look for the soul
I like to remember the people



our vessel wall keeps us apart
ticking to the next task
clear vision but no contact
always apart, distant
we came close once
so we thought, felt
no, always apart, distant
remember the feeling close?
is there a moment together?
a gathering of souls,a touching
maybe a fleeting affection
we search, we hope


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Copyright, Steven Schmelz.
All Rights Reserved.