Steven J. Schmelz


pale strains of hope

I cant make this right
turn a lie toward the sky
I can walk into the night
see all my life as a lie
see all that I miss
burn beauty into my mind
a promise that was a kiss
who is there to find?
this life, this earth, this light
turn toward a moment
of fortune in this long night
longing for the moment
no, it is cold and dark
it will forever be
pale strains of hope
hold all the lie that is me


what feeble flame remains

Fleeting fires burnt
a whim's moment remembered
his passion lost
a coin held close
glancing back, prism of fools
old men and women huddle
what have we learned?
hold better what feeble flame remains



a last poem


if i fell now,
a ghost forever
a moment to feel
just a notion for you
what isn't, what is
faint light recesses
stand toward the cold,
bitter breeze in dark
rejected by knowing
soothed in this last moment


Punk Country rock    


 getting it right in rap

a wonderful life, reported

Hollywood has its vision

Knows what is right what's wrong


Hate Bush, the academy says yes

80,000 people show up

pay $74 to screw the marine

No different than 1968


What have we learned?

Jeans and jeeps to buy

The rif at its height

talent speaks to us all


You want change?

open a door for a punk

open your heart for your neighbor

kiss your little girl good night.


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All Copyright 2007 Steven J. Schmelz,
All Rights Reserved. Printed By Permission.