Lark Beltran

Lark Beltran, 69, originally from California, has lived in Lima, Peru for many years as an ESL teacher, and therefore has double nationality.  She and her Peruvian husband alternate between the capital and their home in the jungle without electricity.  Larkīs poems have been published in quite a few online and offline journals, including Sage of Consciousness, San Francisco Peace and Hope, Poetry Pacific, Strange Horizons, Penwood Review, Linnetīs Wings, Millerīs Pond, Bolts of Silk, etc.

An Early Photo

Still unaware
that childhood ends,
she peers into
well-focused lens,

weight of the world
not of her world;
life-notions woolly,

Discord and death
from distance cast
their bogeyman shadow
but could not last.

Form transformed, 
that selfsame I
finds rapture in
a starlit sky.

(first published in Rose and Thorn, 2005



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