Ann Privateer

For Ann, poetry is a grounding influence in her life. At twenty she spent time hiking, jotting down thoughts and creating word lists. She lived looking up at the canopy of maple leaves in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. During college she moved to Los Angeles where magnolia trees provided new experiences and new words. Now that she is retired she spends part of the year in Paris, France with her family. Her poems have appeared in Manzanita, POETRY NOW, Tapestries, Entering Convergence, and Tiger Eye, to name a few.


or Oreo            


or orifice

poor horned owls

ordered off Oreos


born to gormandize

on more gored lords

than formerly stored.


So sorrowfully we sing

digging in the marina

wring our sea necks


dry, wondering

if ancient songs

are better than Oreos?


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