Michael D. Brown

Michael D. Brown, American author/poet of 18 books including 7 volumes of poetry; recipient of the New York State Senator's award for poetry; international lecturer and literary reviewer; currently teaching English in China at Nanjing Agricultural University; Published in numerous literary journals including the Tower Journal; Mad Swirl, Munyori Literary Journal, and EPW- Every Writer.


Yes, I understand Bathsheba

 on the roof

 in full view of my widening eyes

 -the moment nudity undresses seduction-

I am exposed as much as she;

 before I send for her

 in the predictability of human error;

 the impulse overrides better judgment;

my appetite  cannot find satisfaction

 in the diminishing return of personal lust;

 as king my error, my way is the official error of my way;

 let no man follow my lead in this,

 yet follow me in repentance though sooner than a year,

 and a prophet, and the death of her husband,

 Uriah faithful


 in his loyalty,

 undiminished in his death.



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Copyright, 2014,  Michael D. Brown.
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