Janet Jackson

photo credit: Coral Carter

Janet Jackson (Australia, b. 1965) has written poetry since 1986, publishing a collection (‘Coracle’, 2009) and several chapbooks including ‘q finger’ (PressPress 2011). Fremantle Press's ten-poet volume 'Performance Poets' (2012) will feature her work. Janet writes songs and sometimes accompanies poems with guitar. She frequently guests at festivals and readings, including the 2010 Australian Poetry Centre festival and the 2009 Queensland Poetry Festival. Her poems have appeared in journals including Westerly, BLAST, The West Australian, nthposition and Hamilton Stone Review. The National Library of Australia's Pandora project includes Janet’s website ProximityPoetry.com. Janet teaches poetry and creative writing and coordinates Perth Poetry Club.

despite and because


I cannot be

what you have lost

and you may not be

what I never had


but still I long

just to hold your hand

just to walk beside you

on the less-walked path


because walking beside you

I am in my place

because dancing beside you

I can truly dance


despite and because

of your depth and dark

despite and because

of your shameless voice

despite and because

of your heartbreak face:


when you are dreaming

you are just so beautiful

that I want to die

since I may not touch


       From chapbook 'q finger', PressPress 2011



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