Gerald Solomon


Gerald Solomon was born in London and studied English Literature at Cambridge University. After a short spell as sales assistant at a bookshop in London's Charing Cross Road he worked as a  producer at the BBC. Subsequently becoming engaged in education, he helped found General Studies courses at Hornsey College of Art, and this led eventually to an enjoyable period teaching poetry courses at Middlesex University. He retired early in order to paint and write. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines in the USA and UK as he prepares his first collection. He is married, with four children, and lives in Manhattan.
His poetry has been published in the USA
in The Baltimore Review, Illuminations, The The Paterson Literary Review, The Printer's Devil, The New Writer, Essence,  Decanto, The Monarch Review, Stickman Review,The Muse, Frostwriting, Barnwood International Magazine, Epiphany, Whisper, Blue Pepper, Best Poems, Avatar, Ottawa Arts Review, Ascent Aspirations, Clockhouse Review, Poetica. In the UK in Stand, The London Magazine, Numinous, Vigil.



View From The Hill                      

But those prime candours of lone experience—
with wonder, misgivings, both!
To keep them, your perceptions, decide:
what you tell yourself you will uphold...
Breezy this morning, up on our local hill.
Looking down to Pitstone's vacant ponds—
dark glass, and implicate a passing sky.
Something not understood expected there...
Necessary order, imposed.
Still, between this book and the far view
from this bench in an untidy yard,
I'm sure of my garden fence, neighbour houses.
A determined bee hums by, following instructions.
I share it's flight-path, that is all.
But a qualm, as if some loose echo
blurts in my inner ear.




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© Copyright, 2012, Gerald Solomon.
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