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Poet and painter Ann Holmes, received an MFA degree in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, and a Doctorate in Art Education from New York University.  Her poetry memoir, Shards, about a Japanese pottery village, was published by Turn of River Press in 2005.  A Leaf Called Socrates was published by iUniverse in 2011. Her poems have appeared in The Asian Pacific American Journal, Japanophile, Red Wheelbarrow, Connecticut River Review and other journals.  Holmes spent several years living in Japan and Greece before returning to Westport, Connecticut.  Soon she will be moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Peggy Heinrich, author, Forward Moving Shadows and Peeling an Orange says of her third book, Space Between, coming out soon:
"In this, her third collection, poet Ann Holmes keeps surprising us with her way of looking at things and we enjoy wondering where her poems will take us next. Many bear a touch of the surreal, as in “Visitor,” where “Jesus barges into a friend’s shower stall” or in “Snowbirds, where “a red-tailed hawk dives out of an oversize/ page of my Audubon book.”
Her poems deftly avoid sentimentality. In A Slice of Moonlight, we find her searching her “left forearm/ for the/indelible/ stain of/ invisible/ numbers” and in “On the Day,” she matter-of-factly foresees the “day when today/will not become yesterday.” Often, she plays with form on the page, as in “wordless,” in which the words themselves contradict the title as they swirl down the page as if carried on a breeze." 




A Play of Mirrors

I look past
the me
I was
to the me
I've become
I used to say to my father

be grateful
for what you still can do
anctimonious fool I was

I miss rushing through the Frick's
flowering courtyard, straight
to the Ingres' countess d'haussonville
in her lustrous lilac gown
where I'd stare at her and I swear
she'd stare back at me, she
the viewer and I
the viewed




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