Glen Sorestad

Glen Sorestad is a well known Canadian poet who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on the Canadian prairies. He was born in Vancouver in 1937, but has lived most of his life in Saskatchewan. In 2000 he became that province’s first-ever Poet Laureate. Sorestad is author of over 20 volumes of poems, has appeared in countless literary magazines and ezines throughout North America and elsewhere. His poems have appeared in over 50 anthologies and textbooks, as well as having been translated into a half-dozen languages, including the bilingual, English/Spanish edition of his latest poetry volume, A Thief of Impeccable Taste. Sorestad has received many awards, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012) and has been made a Member of the Order of Canada, his country’s highest non-military honour.

August Hailstorm

The hail insisted it wanted in.
When ice pellets began
to hammer the house
like a demented roofer
armed with nail gun,
the din was a pell-mell
cannonade prompting visions
of history’s cacophonies –
from the roar of castle cannons
to nuclear firestorms.
I tried to imagine myself
a shingle on the roof,
 as chunks of ice ricocheted
crazily from walls and roof,
then caromed from the front walk.
Shredded leaves and twigs
were blasted from the Green Ash
and strewn wherever
manic wind drove them.
Ice storm troopers threw
their shoulders at our skylights..
The next bullet of ice,
I figured, would rip through
above us and devastate
the whimpering heart
of our shredding comfort.
But in five minutes
it was over. Inscrutable calm
presided like a Sphinx.



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© Copyright, 2012, Glen Sorestad.
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