Peter Christensen

Peter Christensen has published four books of poetry: Hailstorm, Rig Talk, To Die Ascending and Winter Range. His best-selling book of short stories, Wilderness Tales, evokes the sensuous physicality of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Christensen's lyrical nature writing has been characterized as "serene exercises in imagism". He currently lives on the Pacific raincoast of B.C.



When my aorta dissected

it felt as if an animal

ate its way out of my chest

I awoke crying out



the white ambulance

rocked and grabbed

down the snowbound lane

at the local hospital

death had its tongue

in my mouth

rasping my throat

tasting my brain

Dr. Dibb said she

gave me enough morphine

to knock out a horse

that I was still screaming

as the medivacs

carried me to the STARS helicopter

later after surgery

after the pain subsided

when I could read again

I took comfort in words like

the reason god permits evil

is because it is an opportunity

to grow stronger

ear to the pillow

I counted heartbeats




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