Kislay Chauhan


Kislay Chauhan's poems have been published in many reviews, journals and magazines.Some of them are – Fowl Feathered Review, The Artistic Muse Poetry,
Eastlit, Earthborne, Carcinogenic Poetry, Out of Our, Nano Nostrovia Poetry, Sprout Magazine, Melbrake
etc. He has written four poetry books “ Takhir,” “ The Vague,” “ Once And For All” and “The Edges Of The Spirit”.




 Life Measures

In world, I breathe, measure of own age 
An ageless smile, and one empty face 
Spectacles of ponds, and that far desert 
Where trust and tale have been divided 
And burning chapters in front of my eyes 
Half book for hell, half for heaven lies 

Its patience is dream and power is promise 
Perpetual defeat and soldier across battle 
Lasted enough to fight, a fight to ease battle 
To win something, someone, not proofed 
Until sleeping town, a soul, awakes on a faith 
Spring after autumn, and life after death 

A blackboard of dreams, colored chalks 
Endless stories, some broke and some stay 
Flying hearts, and bones in sand one day 
That’s a fable, a fairy, a root of mystery, 
Countless curtains, every page, every hour 
The secret morning after evening of war 

Every heart translated letters of life 
Characters of every way, and that truth 
Wrote every time a new story, stood alone 
Before a shattered and scattered breath 
After broken dreams, a passionate cry 
The lord would understand to live and die




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