Christopher Roe

Christopher Roe has written nineteen volumes of poetry as well as his memoir, "Dead Rainbows". His poems have appeared in Vox Poetica, The Monarch Review, The Forge Journal, Apollo's Lyre, Black Heart Magazine and Your Daily Poem among others. His paintings are in private collections in the United States, Canada and Europe.




Only man aspires

Startled schools of fish
darted from the path
of an leviathan rudely
crashing through the waves
belching smoke and spitting
death across the seas.
A cheetah lifted its head
and watched in mild amusement
as an angry steel beast
rattled and crashed its way
noisily across the veldt trailing
dust and death in its wake.
A timid sparrow watched
with sad brown eyes
as a iron behemoth roared
past, struggling clumsily
to rise on silver wings
to drop death from the sky.
Creatures of the swamp watched
the dragons rise on tails of fire
from their scorched concrete nests
causing the earth to tremble
and parting the clouds
to become distant stars.
They watched and wondered
if those of changing skins
who aspired to be more than they were
had finally gone for good
they watched and they waited
knowing death would come.



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Copyright, 2013, Christopher Roe.
All Rights Reserved.