David Barnes


According to his publisher and reviewer, David Barnes was born in 1943 (with a whole litany of medical conditions including a debilitating spinal injury which makes movement and long periods of writing difficult) .David doesnít expect to write much more. He came to poetry by a long route. Leaving school at 13, he worked for 11 years as a carpenter in Melbourne before traveling throughout the outback as a driller, trench-digger, stockman, petrol-pumper, cook and playing self-taught guitar at folk festivals. This morphed into writing, poetry and editing the DownUnder and Numbat websites. He and his wife Libby met in Alice Springs but they settled in Perth in í72 where David sold real-estate and they had a son. When Libby died in í96, David had to raise Daniel alone on a disability pension. Amazing that with all this, David also continued to write his own poetry, founded Poetry DownUnder and edited and encouraged other poets like me. Small wonder that he hasnít had time to be a prolific poet or that only now (with the help of fellow WA poet Janet Jackson) has he been able to produce a collection. The result is an intense collection of the impressions of one manís life.




a wounded woman's perspective

late, in the aftermath of divorce
a lonely woman felt a spark alight
from eye to eye,
it was real; at a random chance gathering
how many people let it bloom
let it sing,
like a rose rising
opening in the morning sun
what do they perceive?
depends I suppose, the eyes, curve of the mouth
a soft smile; a nucleus of electricity from him - her:
I think it is the life force that flows
outward from the individual
one never knows
if nurtured
by both, then fate is with her Ė with him-
If it is not
then a web will be wound round you again
enthralled in a happiness we all long for; you can't escape
you let the cards fall into play; and pray
fate to be kind.





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